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“I felt free and therefore I was free.”
Jack Kerouac
Czechoslovakia, 20th century

blog Vagabund.us
lat Vagabundus.
etymology From verb vāgor (“I wander”) +‎ -bundus. Compare vādō (“I walk”).
eng Vagabond.
cze Vagabund.
noun A person who wanders from place to place without a permanent home or regular job.
adjective Moving from place to place without a settled habitation; wandering.
verb To roam, as a vagabond; leading a carefree life.
synonyms Bum, nomad, traveler, rover, wanderer.
antonym Worker.
same context Gambler, outcast.

don’t share motivational quotes
read beat generation
fuck the racism
believe in Bitcoin
support Sparta
trust the numbers
love momo, bún chả, takoyaki and fried hermelín
ride by train
do psychonautique
dreaming about K-PAX
saw ufo
don’t play their game
be on the road

Vietnam, 21st century
“In retrospect, it was inevitable.”
Elon Musk